AX Harman | Creative Director

Punch Magazine | Print


punch MAGAZINE is a manual for the modern man. It is a study on type, conversation and interaction between forms, tension, dynamic juxtaposition and simplicity.

The entire magazine is laid out with only Letter Gothic (headings) and Courier (body), to see how far two mid-century stock IBM typefaces can be pushed to be made fresh and modern. The "punch" main logo is custom lettered in a distinctively spirited style that will have longevity in the marketplace. The front cover intentionally has no photograph to evoke the sarcastic outlook and overall design forward format of the magazine. The publication is entirely monochromatic besides the striking portraits featured throughout that are intended to be a glimpse of real life.


Role: Creative Direction, Brand Identity, Design, Copywriting, Photography
Client: PUNCH Magazine
Photography: Alex Harman
Styling: Molly Lauren
Hair & Makeup: Tara Tatangelo