AX Harman | Creative Director
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FIJI Water | Broadcast

Campaign Title: Untouched


FIJI Water, is the the number one premium bottled water brand in the United States, and this is its first-ever television advertising campaign for the brand: “Untouched.” The $30 million campaign – the largest marketing investment FIJI Water has ever made. The four :15 spots will tell the story behind FIJI Water’s unique mineral profile and refreshing taste. FIJI Water is bottled at its source on the island of Viti Levu at an ancient aquifer deep within the earth where it remains protected from external impurities. The creative highlights this “untouched” element by showing the beautiful, tranquil Fiji landscape overlaid against complicated, dirty cityscapes.


Role: Concept, Art Direction, Concept Design
Client: FIJI Water
Director: Patrick Clair
Production Company: Elastic
Music: Lorne Balfe